All-year garden with a feel-good climate

A heated winter garden brings a holiday feast all year round. This applies unreservedly at least when the heating brings the winter garden to a comfortable temperature, without "raining" holiday mood with record heights of heating costs. Already in winter garden construction, it is crucial to choose a heating solution that can be installed with little effort and which works quickly and energy-saving.
GS can be integrated into practically every winter garden floor thanks to the extremely low installation height and ensures the comfort temperature up to 220 W / m² throughout the year:

• high efficiency up to 220 W / m²
• fast direct heating and only when required, without lead time
• particularly effective heat generation for energy-saving operation
• low installation height for easy installation
• No waste of space by radiators
• flexible adaptation of the heating surfaces to the room geometry

With GS surface heating, the heat is spread evenly throughout the entire winter garden. The infrared heat provides a particularly comfortable room climate and is practically available at the push of a button. The innovative heating foil ensures not only a particularly effective conversion of electrical energy into heat, but also allows a fast feel-good temperature when required and thus an extremely energy-saving operation with full living comfort.



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