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Special applications

Also for your idea

Radiation radiator made of marble, artificial stone or other materials: GS can heat up for special ideas. For example, in the integration into a sandwich construction. Important: The perforation of the film makes it particularly easy to glue or laminate. Even applied only on one side, the adhesive penetration is nevertheless sufficient for the adhesive bonding of the layers. This applies to all conventional adhesive systems, such as resin or dispersion adhesives.

Temperature control with feel-good plus

Wellness area, bathroom or resting: Here your customer wants to feel comfortable and relax. Offer him an innovative solution now. Our tests have proved that GS is not changed under moisture and is to be optimally bonded under tiles. Here, GS ensures a homogeneous, flat heating output - of course in the shortest possible time.

 Flexible on the road

Even in the mobile area, you can surprise your customers: With a modern heating idea in your caravans and boats, because of course, GS is usable as a comfortable underfloor heating system. All you need is a power supply. The same also applies to the application as a drying option or as a defrosting aid in mobile cooling devices. Details about this particular application can be found in the Caravan, Boat and Mobile Equipment product folder, which you can request for free.