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Renovation / Renovation

Minimal effort - optimal living comfort
The installation of a new heating system has always been a challenge in many respects: heating boilers, pipes and radiators need a lot of space, a floor heating raises the floor level and thus ensures stumbling-up or problems with rooms and balconies. In addition, the new heating system is designed to eliminate cold spots in the room, thus effectively preventing mold formation.
GS is the flexible system solution for minimal renovation effort and optimal room climate:

  • Low installation height in the millimeter range for barrier-free living
  • Flexible installation in flooring or on wall and ceiling under plaster or wallpaper
  • No waste of space by radiators
  • Permanent surface dehumidification of floors and walls
  • Effective protection against damp spots and mold formation
  • Low investment costs and easy installation

For surface heating with GS, the beneficial infrared heat is distributed evenly in the room, directly and without a lead-in time. The direct heating system is not only extremely convenient to use, but it also operates extremely energy-saving at the same time. Thermostat and temperature sensors control the heating output individually and exactly in every living area. GS ensures the optimum comfort temperature in the hallway, kitchen and bedroom as well as in the children's room or the living area at any time.


Ceiling installation with GS CFP-V

Flush in the ceiling, the material ensures an excellent, even distribution of the heat radiation. After filling, you can paint and wallpaper. The subsequent introduction of can openings is easily possible.

​Wall mounting with GS CFP-V

The heating foil allows the fixing of pictures and shelves by means of plugs and screws within the heating surfaces. There are no limits to your design ideas and wishes.

​Floor laying with GS CFI

This example shows a floating laying under laminate / parquet. GS can be combined with almost all types of floor coverings. The following also applies here: retrofitting (eg for a doorstop) is completely unproblematic.