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Wind turbines

Vacuum Solar

We offer two different types by their wind turbines.
The conventional variant is the trifoliate turbine (200 W to 500 KW) with a horizontal axis. Small models can be block on roofs. Larger models must be placed in an open area.
The new version (1 KW to 50 KW) based on the levitation magnet technology. This wind turbine has a vertical axis. This model is suitable for roof mounting. Prerequisite is the carrying capacity of the roof structure.

Environmentally-friendly and effective. Car charging station on solar basis.

Charging station for electric vehicles

We install for you photovoltaic systems for generating electricity and vacuum solar systems for hot water production.
Based on your energy consumption and related available Swimming installation area, we deliver tailor-made systems.
Optional we mount supplied by and systems depending on local conditions in the open field, on your roof or on your house wall.



Solar Systems 


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