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                        Intelligent heating with system: GS!

                         Surface heating with infrared

GS brings a sense of well-being - quickly and simply at the push of a button. The best thing to do with this: With the innovative heating system from GS, installation in new as well as old buildings is as easy as never before. The soothing infrared heat is generated by a film of only one tenth of a millimeter thick. The room heating thus disappears invisibly under the floor covering, behind wallpapers or the wall plaster or can even be easily installed in the ceiling.
The GS heating foils consist of a newly developed carbon fiber braid. This is operated with low voltage and thus transforms electrical energy into heat. So floors, walls or room ceilings become energy-saving surface radiators - the heat of the infrared is immediately available without the lead time, and is distributed quickly and optimally throughout the room. With GS, no living space for radiators or boilers is lost anymore. At the same time, the surfaces can still be used normally: even a damage of the film, for example by a nail in the wall, does not impair the functional capability of the heating system.
GS is intelligent heating with system: complete packages with heating foil, low-voltage transformer, connection cables, temperature sensor, on / off switch and thermostat ensure optimal function and easy installation.

​                                            Principle of operation

                                                                                   1.)   infrared Heaters

                                                                                                                      2.)     Electrical installation

                                                                                                                     3.)    power connection

                                                                                                                    4.)     Upstream electricity network