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 Princely ambience - Royal Design



Interior Design 

In the field of interior design,

we can draw practical experience from more than 35 years. Whether classic or contemporary, in the design, everything is open. You have an idea – we make it.
We combine technical “know how” with “design”.
Here, we also provide a complete solution for our customers. From installing a necessary equipment to consume dis-positives, and design your space to a “feel good – oasis”. No matter whether it is your private life, or at your office, your shop, your wellness or restaurant.
We make sure that your friends and clients will always happily visit you and their stay in your premises will remain as an unique experience, in the memory of your guests.
In your commercial sector, especially in the hospitality, we can offer themed fancy decorations. From the floor to the napkin. Everything conceivable, including advise.
Here we have in mind, complete technical equipment of kitchen to dining rooms.
And – if you want or need, we will give your restaurant projects, a ready to work up to the filled stock assistance needed.


    In the design area, we perform the following services from artisanal

  - Artificial stone countertops    

 - Surface finishing

- Counter and Bar Construction

- Wrought iron decorations

- Stretch Ceilings   
- Effects and backlight
- 3 dimensional wall designs gypsum-based

– Stucco fino / Stucco lustro

– 3 D Floor

– Stone Carpet  
– Color scheme


New in our performance range

– Decor Wallpaper                                                              
– EMC – Wallpaper *)                                                         

*) EMC – Wallpaper: Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields are ubiquitous in our environment. Source of the fields are electrical wires and cables, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as all wireless systems. Fields can interfere with technical equipment and are suspected to cause health problems in humans. EMC – wallpaper shields the outgoing line of the box! EMC – wallpaper is a metal-free material, the function of the Faraday – provides cage. We offer a variety of shielding products in the form of wallpaper / wall coverings and textile products.

Our design has been extended by us in his excellent range to another component – the wallpaper.
This enormous wealth of exclusive design offers enriched our offer fundus and fills a white spot in our company philosophy.
Princely wall coverings – Wallpaper from Marburg


Example of a test material and color samples for emulating the "Ishtar Gate", in preparation for a customer order.

3 D Floor

For wall and ceiling design are practically no limits. Whether you want a specific piece of creation or the faithful replica of a historic object - Your wishes are our command.

The Still Safe color is just as important as the tiny gilded detail in decoration. Optionally we can set up your rooms with classic furniture, so that a gem is in your possession after completion of our work.

 Stretch Ceilings

 3D Wall design /  stucco