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Drinking water filter systems / sewage treatment plants

Everyone knows that contaminated drinking water is the cause of many human diseases.
Clean drinking water is become a problem worldwide.
Due to the permanent contamination of our drinking water resources in many regions worldwide suffer from acute shortage of drinking water.
This clean drinking water has become a "strategic commodity".
Not only since today plan stakeholders on how the "resource - drinking water" can most profitably marketed.
Who controls the water the power to decide on people's lives.
This side effect of globalization is part of the political calculus, desire and goal (dream) of "one world government".
As we taught the story countless times water was contaminated with bacteria or chemicals to eradicate or weaken the "enemy population.
We have quite affordable solutions to counter.
We analyze your existing water resources and provide you with the basis of our results, the right equipment, and construct a water treatment.
This filtration is possible to 0,02μm, and an additional UV sterilization of water. (Sterile)
In addition, we make service personnel technical "know how" to operate on its own, the care and maintenance of the system can.
We plan and build for you from small installations of 100 l / day, to medium installations 100 m³ / h.
In the field of waste water treatment, we offer environmentally friendly solutions in the form of biological treatment systems.

Swimming pool water cleaning systems

You’ll love the luxury? We also do. In order that you can enjoy your luxury at all times in unclouded joy, we always provide you with technical service for your pool.
Whether for existing Systems or for setting up new systems, we have solutions in construction and maintenance, ready for you. Of course, here too, the materials and aggregates we use, are – according to german standard.